Carmen Sandiego Got Rebooted Today, and It’s Giving Me All The Feels

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Any kid of the nineties spent hours on hours with The Carmen Sandiego game played on that old school desktop that sat in your living room in a dusty corner.

I, of course, spent my spunky pre-teen after school hours tuned into PBS watching that red-headed detective save the world with a series of clues designed to teach me Geography better than any map-based lesson plan ever could.

Ahh, life before high speed internet. Between dial up noises and text based web, we were all trying to figure out just WHERE in the world Carmen Sandiego was.

Netflix has rebooted the series, and this time Carmen Sandiego starts out as a teen, sort of just coming into her world traveling detective bad-assery.

Which, I will accept as long as she rocks her hat. Because Carmen is nobody without her hat.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s voiced by GINA RODRIGUEZ?! You know, from Jane The Virgin? Which is truly one of the best shows every to grace the CW.

She ROCKED it in her Carmen Sandiego red hat and cape for this insta shot.


But what I really want to know is, will Rockapella hit it?


Because I really need them to.

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