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Thank You Gillette For Showing Men What The Best Really Looks Like

Gillette’s new commercial, about being the best a man can get has flipped the script and is a darn fine example of how we want to raise our boys to be.

They took their crazy popular slogan, and turned it into something with an actual message behind it. No more razors gliding slowly across a man’s face. no more MAN’S MAN machismo.

What I love is that they aren’t just saying talk to your boys, and tell them to be men. Instead it’s all about SHOWING them what it means to be a man.

And not the kind of man that harasses women, or treats them like meat.

The kind of man that STOPS other men from being that kind of man.

The kind of man that speaks up. Because, yes women are speaking up now, but we need allies, we need men to say when THEY see something wrong.

We need men willing to step in and stop other men when they see them saying, doing, and being the wrong things.

That’s how we show our younger generation how to treat women, to treat each other, and to just be good people.

And Gillette is right, that really is the best a man can get.

Women, too. We aren’t excluded. We can all do better.

We all can be better.

Thank you, Gillette.