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Netflix Just Released the Trailer for the Spinoff Series “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

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As we say goodbye To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movie series, we say hello to Xo, Kitty!

The new movie that revolves around Laura Jean’s sister rather than Laura Jean herself.

Courtesy of @noahcentineoig

The spinoff movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before has officially made it’s debut on Netflix with a brand new trailer.

Katherine, the younger sister to Laura Jean and known as Kitty to her friends, is moving across the world from Virginia to Korea!

Courtesy of @megastyleph

And it’s all thank to cleaning grandma’s attic!

Courtesy of Netflix

After finding out that her late mother traveled to Korea for a competitive boarding school when coming across a box of memories in her grandma’s attic, Kitty seeks to do the same and applies!

Spoiler alert, she gets in!

Courtesy of @megastyleph

The Korean Independent School of Seoul, one of the top international schools in the world welcomes Kitty in her new movie!

Not only does Kitty find out that her mom had a scholarship to The Korean Independent School of Seoul, but she also realizes that her long-distance boyfriend Dae, coincidentally attends the same school!

Courtesy of @megastyleph

The trailer ends with Kitty saying she was accepted with the same scholarship her mom received.

Xo, Kitty releases May 18th!

Courtesy of Netflix

And you can the new trailer of Xo, Kitty down below!

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