If You Go To Google and Type The Wizard Of Oz, A Tornado Will Transport You Back In Time

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I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.

It’s the eightieth anniversary of the Wizard of Oz, and google is celebrating it with one of it’s super secret tricks that will have even Dorothy tapping her heels.

Here’s what you do, you go to google, and type “The Wizard of Oz.”

Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers will appear, so naturally you need to click your heels (the slippers).

And hold on, because TORNADO.

Then your google search will turn black and white! Just like Kansas!

Don’t worry though, if you click the tornado, you will be transported back to Oz and everything will be normal again.

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    1. @SAREENA QURESHI, I think they got rid of it, because I’ve done it before but now it’s gone 🙁

  1. If you search up Thanos and tap on the infinity gauntlet, something similar will happen haha

  2. There is also a neat trick if you type Thanos and click the glove.

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