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Disney Villains Monopoly Is Here And Each Villain Has Their Own Power To Help Win The Game

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It is about to be on!! This is a whole new way to play Monopoly, and I can’t wait!

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This is Disney Villains Monopoly, and just wait to hear how you play this game! This isn’t your Momma’s Monopoly game. Oh, Nay Nay!!

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First of all, you get gold and silver medallions as your money instead of bills.

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You also get to play the board game with Evil Villains, including Cruella, Jafar, Scar, Evil Queen, Maleficent, or Hook.


Just wait, though. Each character has an evil power, which you can invoke at some point during the game. The powers are different for each character, so be careful which you pick!


Cruella: When you pass a player, or land on the same space as a player, you may steal one Monopoly coin.
Evil Queen: The Evil Queen controls the Poison Apple. When any player lands on a Poison Apple square, they must pay the Queen one Monopoly coin.


Hook: Hook has the power of redo. If you roll a number you don’t like on the die, you may roll a second time.
Jafar: Jafar owns his space, and he is selfish. As Jafar, whenever you land on the same space as a character, that person must pay you 5 Monopoly coins.
Maleficent: As Maleficent, when a player lands on a Chance space, you can steal one Monopoly coin from them.
Scar: When a player rolls a six on the die, you may steal one Monopoly coin from them.


But, these powers aren’t infinite. You have to have control of the one Flames of Power Ring — which you get whenever you pass GO. BUT, when the person behind you passes Go, you must give them the ring.


Then there are the Poison Apple cards. These let you steal things like property, coins — or you can send people to jail — OR there’s even more!

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My FAVORITE part of this game — it is meant to be played in less than 45 minutes. THANK GOD!! My kids LOVE Monopoly, but the game usually goes on forever and ever!


This game is available right NOW, in time for the Halloween holiday, but you can bet, I’m buying this for my kids for Christmas!!


You can order Disney Villains Monopoly from Amazon. It will set you back 30 bucks, and it is worth every single penny!

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If you want another fun Monopoly game, you can go check out The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly game. It is hella fun!

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