Teens Are Dressing Up in Suits To Watch The New Minions Movie and Calling Themselves ‘GentleMinions’

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This might just be the most wholesome and sweetest thing to happen as of late.


If you’ve been on social media at all lately, you’ve likely seen GenZ posting themselves wearing suits to go see the new Minions: Rise of Gru movie in theaters.


The movie itself has been super popular since it’s debut in the theaters this past weekend, surpassing Top Gun: Maverick and officially holding the title for the most-watched animated series.


This has prompted teens everywhere to dress up and head to the movies dubbing themselves ‘GentleMinions’ in a movement that has gone viral on social media.


What is GentleMinions?

GentleMinions is the name GenZ is calling themselves who wear suits to go see the new Minions movie. They dress up in their fancy attire and go see the movie in theaters. Girls are getting in on this trend too by wearing fancy dresses to see the movie.


Why are teens dressing up in suits to see the new Minions movie?

Well, considering a person who was seven years old when the first “Despicable Me” hit theaters in 2010, those same kids are now around the age of 19.


For many, Despicable Me was a huge part of their childhood and now that they can afford their own movie, they are wanting to see it on their own terms and in their own way.

Most of the kids are genuinely wanting to see the new Minions movie and just want this to be a fun experience for them.


“I saw a couple of videos of people [who] had gone to do the same thing. So me and my friends we just went to the theater,”

“Everyone was really civil, we just kept mannered and watched the movie. It wasn’t until we exited the theater that we saw this other group… It kind of reminded me of the Peter Parker memes, with the different Spider-Men pointing at each other.”

Obie, who goes by the username @nigeriannightmare0 on TikTok

It has become such a widely spread trend that Universal Studios even gave their blessing on the #GentleMinions trend saying:

“To everyone showing up to ‘Minions’ in suits: we see you and we love you,” Universal wrote.

Unfortunately, not everyone is excited about this trend. Some theaters are banning the trend due to disturbances.

Culture Crave 

Honestly, I find that dumb. These are just kids doing something fun and paying to see a movie. I see no harm in it and honestly, they could be doing a lot worse.

This is a fun and innocent trend and is one I can certainly get behind!

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