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You Can Stay In A Harry Potter Themed House With 8 Rooms and One Looks Like Diagon Alley

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Calling all Harry Potter fans! If you are planning a visit to Orlando anytime soon to visit The Wizarding World at Universal Studios, I have found the PERFECT place to stay…seriously. You can’t NOT stay there once you see these pictures!

Loma Homes

This Harry Potter themed Airbnb has 8 themed bedrooms ready to transport you into the Wizarding World!

They featured some of the most iconic locations in the books and movies that it will make you feel like you’ve stepped straight into Harry Potter‘s world!


Loma Homes are known for their creative vacation homes. They are best known for their Star Wars themed homes, but they have expanded to Harry Potter and are looking for more inspiration to pull from! I honestly can’t wait to see that they do next!

Loma Homes

This villa Airbnb is just 30 minutes away from Universal Studios, making it the dream stay for any major Potterheads! And not only can you stay in a Harry Potter themed house, but they even went the extra mile, by adding some extra surprises!


The owners and creators of this amazing home have hidden 7 Horcruxes to be found during your stay! How amazing is that?!?

Loma Homes

There’s also a lot of other fun Easter eggs from the movies and books to keep you entertained at all times. I honestly don’t know how I would get any sleep!!!

Loma Homes

The average cost for this house is $305 a night. Which honestly…is not bad AT ALL. I think it’s totally worth it, personally. Although with my husband being Ravenclaw, and me being Slytherin, it may be a little hard to pick what room to sleep in.

Loma Homes

To be fair, the Ravenclaw room is BEAUTIFUL. But I feel like I can’t stray from my Slytherin roots.

Loma Homes

If you choose to stay here, bring some friends. Because this house has eight themed bedrooms with 10 beds, five bathrooms, and dozens of book and movie Easter eggs that fans of the franchise will love. You will need some helping hands to find everything!

Loma Homes

The seven Horcruxes seen below will be hidden around the house before you arrive. They reset these each time for new guests!

It’s up to you to find them and return them to their podium before the end of your stay in order to defeat He Who Must Not Be Named.

Loma Homes

You can check out a tour of the home below!


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