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Yes, ‘Bluey’ is getting a Season 4! Here’s Everything We Know So Far

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I’m a dog person, of course I like ‘Bluey’. I haven’t watched all of them, but when my grandson is here we tend to binge a few episodes together. It’s a cute show.

Image credit: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and BBC Studios

Season 3 caused some big feelings for a lot of people, pushing people (adults) to tears due to a wedding, a pregnancy, moving, not moving, etc.

‘The Sign’ episode was supposed to be the finale of the entire series. I saw Facebook posts from grown men who are my friends talking about holding back their tears. Emotional overload!

But, we have great news! ‘Bluey’ will continue!

The episode ‘Surprise’ was released the week after ‘The Sign’ and showed an older Bluey!

When is season 4 coming?

With season 3 ending with a cliffhanger, fans were confused and unsure of the future of ‘Bluey’. But a spokesperson for the show confirmed that there are no plans to end the series yet.

Image credit: officialblueytv

No, it is not the end for ‘Bluey.’ I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you.

Producer Sam Moor told BBC Radio

Right now it appears there will be a new character coming. Nothing has been confirmed for release dates at this time.

Image credit: officialblueytv

We will just have to wait and see what’s next for ‘Bluey’, but at least you can relax knowing this is not the end.

Image credit: officialblueytv

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