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This Sleeping Hack Helps You Fall Asleep in Just Two Minutes

Think of a time where you restless at night, when you couldn’t fall asleep or when you were absolutely tired of counting sheep to help you well, fall asleep!

Been there, done that.

So in order to fall asleep faster for a better night’s sleep and a more productive day the next morning, there’s a sleeping hack for those of you that have your eyes wide open at night.

Thanks to TikToker @justin_agustin who shared the popular hack amongst military soldiers, and a big round of applause to @AsapSCIENCE on Youtube for the further explanation, this sleeping technique should help you fall asleep in seconds; okay, two minutes to be exact!

So what is the trick to falling asleep sooner?

The answer, is to completely relax your body and yes, that means without your phones ladies and gentlemen!

Courtesy of @justin_agustin

The simple technique involves shutting down each part of your body from head to toe, literally.

Courtesy of @justin_agustin

So that means from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, imagine calming and shutting down every section of your body, relax your fingers, unhinge your jaw, and wiggle your toes to release the stress.

Courtesy of @justin_agustin

Focus on your breathing, keep your arms loose to your side and try to image a warm sensation all throughout your body.

Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, and relax.

Courtesy of @AsapSCIENCE

It’s important to also clear your mind of any stressors going on at the moment, picture serene environments around you and if you notice your brain thinking of anything else other than sleep, repeat these words for ten seconds, “Don’t think.”

Courtesy of @justin_agustin

While you’re supposed to practice this sleeping hack for six weeks every night, 96% of sleepers who mastered by practicing are able to fall asleep in two minutes after closing their eyes for the night!

Cheers, to better sleeping nights!