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Zuru Mini Brands Is Coming Out With A Book Collection And It Includes Young Adult Novels

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OMG! Just when I thought I was done collecting things…

I am sort of addicted — okay, I straight-up love them — to YA novels.

There are WAY too many read — and yet to be read — YA novels hanging out, jam packed on my bookshelf.

(Who am I kidding? You can never have enough YA novels on your bookshelf!!)

Need a suggestion for a good one? Hit me up, I got you!!

Okay. If you love YA novels as much as I do, you totally have to check this out.

Zuru Mini Brands is coming out with — wait for it — a book collection that includes YA novels!!

Gah!!! Right?!? I can’t freaking wait!!

These mini novels are ACTUAL, FACTUAL books. Like, they have real pages, and can be read!!

This Zuru Mini Brands Book collection won’t JUST have YA novels, but they are definitely included.

There are over 40 books in the collection. Titles like: Goosebumps, The Vampire Diaries, The Baby-Sitter’s Club, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mad Libs, Stranger Things, It Starts With Us, and so many more.

These Zuru Mini Brands Books have not hit shelves yet, but they are coming.

My FAVORITE YA author, Colleen Hoover, confirmed that this collection is set to hit stores in the near future, although she didn’t know they had been announced yet.

Y’all. This collection totally needs to come out before Christmas!! They are totally on my Stocking Stuffer Santa wish list!

Love Zuru Mini Brands? Here are some of my favorites that would make excellent stocking stuffers.

Zuru Mini Brands Favorites

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