You can Get A Giant Light-Up Dragonfly Pool Float and I Need One

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Where am I going to store all of these things? Just when I think I have the coolest one, there are more!

Coconut Float – Amazon

This one is perfect for both boys and girls. My favorite insect is a dragonfly and you know what? Adults can fit on this too!

This giant dragonfly pool float from Coconut floats is 105″ x 82″ x 16″! That is nearly a 9-foot wingspan! The body is nearly 7 feet long!

Coconut Float – Amazon

It is made from a heavy-duty, very durable .25mm vinyl. This baby is made for summer! It’s perfect for your pool at home, or if you’re like us…the LAKE!

The eyes also light up! Simply tap the eyes and they turn on! How cool is that? I’m an adult and even I think it’s cool. Although I am easily amused and entertained!

Credit Christine Clements – Amazon Review

Love it!!! I’m obsessed with dragonfly’s so when I saw this I had to get it. We haven’t had any leak issues and it’s survived not just myself but kids too.

Amazon Review By Christine Clements on Jul 12, 2018

You can get your own giant dragonfly pool float on Amazon! Free prime shipping!

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