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You Can Get A Mini Brands Advent Calendar To Add A Little Bit Of Fun To Your Holiday Season

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I have become obsessed with Mini Brands Products.

At one point, I just thought they included mini ketchup bottles and cereal boxes, and I totally didn’t care one bit about Mini Brands.

But, then I found out they had Toys and Disney products.

That was the beginning…

Eventually, I branched out, and needed ALL the Mini Brands products. They are all adorable!!

Now, you can get a Mini Brands Advent Calendar, and I’ve already ordered mine.


You have to admit, the holidays are the best time of the year.

Prove me wrong.

I can’t think of a better way to count down the holiday season than this fun Mini Brands Advent Calendar.


4 Exclusive Minis: Unbox 4 never-before-seen Minis exclusive to the Advent Calendar.


There are 24 random Minis, total, included in this Advent Calendar.

You get to unbox one Mini Brands Product every day of December leading up to Christmas.


If you want to be all fancy, you can take up the role of Content Creator, and open them live on social media.

My kids are going to get such a kick out of this calendar. I can already foresee nightly fights over who’s getting the Minis.


Now, this is the 2023 version Mini Brands Advent Calendar, so you are getting the newest of the fun Mini Brand littles.

You will find things like Ice Breakers, Campbell’s Soups, V8, Pop Secrets, and Banana Boat Aloe Gel.


This Mini Brands Advent Calendar can be ordered right now for $23 — that’s less than a dollar a day!

To get your own 2023 Mini Brands Advent Calendar, head on over to the Amazon website.


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