Home Depot Is Selling A Light-Up Christmas Unicorn and It Is Magical

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Christmas just got much more magical.

Home Depot Is Selling A Light-Up Christmas Unicorn and It Is Magical. Seriously, if you love unicorns or have a kid that does, you need this in your yard!

This is a 6-foot tall, life-size unicorn decoration that lights up and makes Christmas seem so much more special.

Home Accents Holiday 6 ft. Unicorn is illuminated by 160 cool white LED lights. Constructed from mesh over a wire frame. The LED lights use less electricity for added energy efficiency and stay cool to the touch.

Plus, the tail has fuzzy fur on it!

Oh and in case one isn’t enough, you can get a matching baby unicorn too! Ahhhh.

I will say, I am not sure why it has wings… Most unicorns with wings are referred to as a Pegasus but it’s still cute!

I am heading off to get both of these. My yard is going to be so dang magical this Christmas!

You can get your Christmas Unicorn Here.

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    1. An alicorn is the horn on the top of the head… That is actually a unises…. Unicorn/Pegasus

      I wish the world would get this correct as it is actually kind of offensive at this point!

      Just saying….

    1. Nope… You’re wrong as well… It’s a Unises

  1. Actually it’s a pegacorn. Alicorn means unicorn’s horn.

    1. Nope… No such thing as a Pegacorn… It is a Unises…


      1. There’s literally no such thing as any any of this so stop talking like you have facts you lonely idiot

  2. Actually, unicorns with wings are Alicorns. Pegasus do not have horns.

    1. Thank you! Many people don’t know the difference

    2. Actually you are wrong…

      An Alicorn IS the horn on the top of the head…

      This is a Unises


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