Funfetti Ice Cream Is Coming Complete With A Cake Crunch Swirl

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Funfetti Ice Cream is releasing to freezer isles soon and you know what that means, a people frenzy in grocery stores so be prepared to snag a few quarts before everyone else does.

The new line of ice cream is supposedly releasing next month, sometime in February and since we don’t have the exact release date yet, keep your eyes peeled at every grocery store run especially in the freezing aisles.


Funfetti Ice Cream was uploaded to Instacart early which is always a good sign to keep in mind when new products plan on releasing.

The newbie ice cream is basically cake shoved into an ice cream quart including fun rainbow sprinkles and a cake crunch swirl that will make this colorful baby blue pint irresistible for individuals with a major sweet tooth.


The 1.5 ounce quart of creamy goodness will give you a reason to have cake for dessert everyday, not like we really need a reason, right?

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