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Here’s Everything Coming to Starbucks on Jan. 5th

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Tomorrow is a BIG DAY especially if you love Starbucks! Why? Because it is a new launch day!

This means that tomorrow, January 5th will bring new food, drinks and yes, Starbucks cups!!

Here’s Everything Coming to Starbucks on Jan. 5th

So, lets start with the cups…

This year, Starbucks is releasing a ton of new cups. Both Spring themed and Valentine’s themed.


For starters, the matte black studded cup is back. It sold out in 2019 and we can finally get this beauty again!

For Valentine’s Day, they have several new tumblers and some new mugs that have lips and hearts on them.


They also have a new 5-pack of reusable hot cups with lids! So cute!


My personal favorite is the $3 color changing cup covered in lips!!


For Spring, they have several new tumblers including a studded matte lilac tumbler and it’s gorgeous!

They also have mint cups and flower cups as well…


Starbucks Drinks Releasing January 5th

As far as drinks go… The Almond Honey Cold Brew is coming back.

New this year is the Pistachio Latte!!!

There will also be a Cold Buster Tea and a the Pistachio Latte will also come in a Frappuccino too.

For good, new Kale and Portabella Mushroom Sous Vide Egg Bites are coming!!

Plus, I am really excited for the new BLUE Earth Cake Pop which is chocolate inside!

And finally, the Red Velvet Loaf is returning!!

So, are you as excited as I am? What are you getting/trying first?!


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