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Kristen Stewart Is Starring In A New Vampire Thriller And We Couldn’t Be More Excited

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Cue the ominous Twilight music.

Kristen Stewart just landed a new movie role that might make her once again have a thirst for blood, cold to the touch, and insanely fast.

That’s right, Kristen is once again starring in a new vampire but with Oscar Isaac by her side rather than Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, according to Variety.

Kristen, who many of us know as Bella from Twilight, (the young girl whose fate is to become a vampire), is starring in yet another movie role that has everything to do with the red-eyed creatures.

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The new movie, which is described as a “hedonistic ’80s vampire thriller”, will be directed by Panos Cosmatos and will have Kristen and Oscar, playing a married couple.

Director Panos Cosmatos has claimed that his new movie will also specifically include “vampires, choice ’80s punk, style, and attitude for miles.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the new movie follows “married couple Raoul (Isaac) and Alex (Stewart), who descend each evening from their luxury skyscraper condo and head into an electric nighttime realm of 80’s LA. When they cross paths with a mysterious and enigmatic woman and her hard-partying cabal, Raoul and Alex are seduced into a glamorous, surrealistic world of hedonism, thrills, and violence.”

So you can expect this new thriller to be pretty much everything that Twilight was not.

Now we currently don’t know if Kristen will become a vampire sometime during the plot, or if she will already be one at the start of the film.

However, what we do know is that according to Panos, the cast will begin shooting the upcoming movie, Flesh of the Gods later this year; and we simply couldn’t be anymore excited about it!

Hopefully we see a trailer sometime during this year too!

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