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There Has Never Been A More Relatable Barbie Than ‘Weird Barbie’ And Here’s Where To Get Her

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There was one Barbie that stood out in the Barbie movie as my soul mate.

I have never identified with a Barbie doll more than I identified with Weird Barbie. I love her so much.

Sure, there are other Barbies that are prettier, more perfect, more put together, and downright ideal.

But, Weird Barbie stole my heart, and I just have to own one of my own.

Played in the Barbie movie by Kate McKinnon, Weird Barbie embodies all the Barbies I owned as a child.

Wicked jagged haircut, clothing I fashioned into works of art, makeup that David Bowie would be jealous of, and always in some weird pose — usually the splits. LOL!!

Now, there is actually a collectors edition Weird Barbie doll that you can own for yourself.


This Barbie is a “made to move” doll, which means she’s extra jointed so you can pose her however you desire.

She also comes with a stand, a certificate of authenticity, and a cool movie-tie-in box.


This is an actual, authentic Weird Barbie from the movie — not one of those Weird Barbies that everyone is posting on TikTok.

She is going to cost you $50, and you can pick Weird Barbie up on the Mattel website.


Just an FYI, Weird Barbie is on preorder, and will actually be released in May of 2024. But, you want to get her before she sells out!

Also, you can only pre-order Weird Barbie through August 18th, so jump on this deal NOW.


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