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People Are Showing Off Their “Weird Barbies” For a Hilarious New Trend and We Are Here For It

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It’s clear that Barbie, the movie has been a worldwide hit and since the movie released in theatres, it didn’t take TikTok very long to create a new trend to celebrate Barbie!

In a recent trend that has taken over the streaming platform, TikTok users are now using the social media app to share their “weird Barbies”.

Courtesy of Mattel

In Barbie the movie, Kate McKinnon portrays a Barbie doll that’s been played with “too hard”, while appearing with scribbles on her face, her hair chaotically chopped, etc.

And since this scene from the film, social media users have taken the time to share their “weird Barbies” and some of these dolls are hilariously wild.

Courtesy of @kenlee.w4

Individuals who have participated in the trend have typically used either Billie Eilish’s ‘What Was I Made For”? song to play in the background of their video.

Courtesy of @sinmineral

@kenlee.w4 recently shared her “weird Barbie” and let’s just say that this Barbie’s body has been replaced with a green dinosaur, and that’s just one example!

After watching the movie, @kenlee.w4 wrote that she feels remorseful in her caption after now knowing that her Barbie is walking around Barbie Land as a half dinosaur and half Barbie with a scribbled face!

Courtesy of @kenlee.w4

TikToker @sinmineral posted their “weird Barbie” and apparently, her doll can fly!

What looks like pillow feathers attached to either side for wings and a beer can for a body, this TikToker’s Barbie doll might just be the first that grew wings.

Courtesy of @sinmineral

TikTok user @ahcheflr6i1 also participated in the trend, and while this Barbie doll looks normal at first, the video then show that this doll’s face has been replaced with a cutout of Eminem!

TikToker @ahcheflr6i1 may have taken the cake when it comes to this new trend.

Courtesy of @ahcheflr6i1

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