Quarantined Italians Record Messages To Themselves, And We Should Learn From What They Have To Say

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Strange things are afoot in Italy. They are on nationwide quarantine right now, due to the COVID-19 virus that has hit the world hard.

Corona hit us like a tsunami. The situation at the clinic is extremely difficult to endure. We have almost 200 people in intensive care. We still have enough beds, but nobody knows if the apex of the epidemic might still be ahead of us. Our hospital is just 30 kilometers (18.6 miles) from Codogno, the epicenter of the epidemic. We are right in the middle of the red zone. Many people we treat here need oxygen and ventilators. I don’t know how long we will continue to be supplied with important medical supplies.

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According to a video by A Thing By, on YouTube, it is thought that the U.S., England, France, Spain and Germany are about ten days behind Italy in the coronavirus game.

That is pretty darn scary. These Italian people were just like us. They heard the rumors of the coronavirus hitting China. They took the news to prepare for the worst pretty flippantly. They didn’t think it was anything big to worry about.


Ten days in, they are now singing a different song, and it is one we can take warning from.


In this video by A Thing By, posted on YouTube, Italian people were asked to talk to themselves ten days ago.

Meaning, knowing what they know now, what would they tell themselves about what is going to happen, and what they are going to experience.

The video is pretty eye-opening, pretty scary, and at the same time, sheds some hope for humanity.

One thing is for sure. This is a time to come together, and be there for each other. This isn’t the time to debate and be hateful to one another (I’m talking to YOU, Social Media World!). We need to uplift each other, and virtually come together to beat this thing!

Watch the A Thing By video below.

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