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Disney Is Discontinuing Disney’s Magical Express Transportation And I’m Not Happy About It

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If you’ve ever stayed at one of Disney’s hotel resorts, you may be familiar with the fond memory of riding Disney’s Magical Express bus from Orlando’s International Airport to your hotel with your book bag and Disney ears in hand.

As of recently, Disney has dropped some very big news for the future of Disney’s magical bus.


Disney has officially announced the discontinuation of the magical bus ride that has brought many kids smiles and eagerness to check into Disney’s gorgeous hotels and reliving parents a lot of stress to find a rental car.


However, the good news is that Disney will not be omitting their transportation for guests until 2022, effective January 1st.


So if you plan on visiting Walt Disney World in the future once it’s safe to travel again, don’t forget to take a picture of you and your family or with you and your friends on what could be your last ride on Disney’s Magical Express.


In addition, Disney will also be omitting airline resort check-in for guests.


Jeez, Disney.


Sadly, starting on January 1st, 2022 guests who are arriving to Disney’s hotel resorts from Orlando’s airport must find their own transportation. An Uber ride or a car rental just won’t be the same.


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