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Netflix Has A New Thriller With Phoebe Dynevor from ‘Bridgerton’ and I Can’t Wait to Watch It

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Dear reader, wait a minute, this isn’t Bridgerton

Phoebe Dynevor, otherwise known as Daphne from Bridgerton has moved on from being “The Duke of Hastings” (for now), to star in a new Netflix thriller alongside Alden Ehrenreich as Luke.

The new movie centers around a young couple’s relationship and the stress that’s put on their relationship from the workplace. 

In a recent interview with Chloe Domont, director of the new movie who told Netflix, the movie’s storyline was created from real life feelings. 

Courtesy of @Netflix

“I wanted to reckon with some unresolved feelings I had in the past, specifically dating men who I felt were threatened by either my ambition or any little bits of accomplishments,” said Chole Domont.

Chloe Domont
Courtesy of @Netflix

Emily and Luke, two financial analysts who work at the same company are in a secret relationship that’s forbidden by their employer.

When it comes to their relationship, the two couldn’t be more in love, in fact they’re even getting married soon, that is until Emily is unexpectedly promoted which causes a dangerous eruption in their love story.

Courtesy of @Netflix

Throughout the trailer, we see the couple’s relationship begin to deteriorate, as the two begin to argue due to their careers and fighting for the same job.

The “Duchess of Hastings”, (Phoebe Dynevor) and Alden Ehrenreich are also joined by Eddie Marsan and Rich Sommer in this new movie’s cast.

Courtesy of @Netflix

Fair Play streams only on Netflix October 13.

You can also watch Fair Play’s new trailer, here.

Courtesy of @Netflix

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