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A Second Amazon Prime Day Was Just Announced So, Get Ready to Get Some Holiday Shopping Done

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Amazon Prime Days are just about my favorite time of year!!

Price drops and Lightning Deals — I get so much of my Christmas list done and taken care of.

I know, we JUST had Amazon Prime Day about a month ago, but a SECOND Amazon Prime Day was just announced!!

Talk about the PERFECT time to get those Christmas lists knocked out!!

Being dubbed “Prime Big Deal Days,” these deals are available only to Amazon Prime Members.

But, really, if you don’t have Amazon Prime by now, what the heck are you even doing with your life?

This will be the SECOND time that Amazon has surprised us with more than one Prime Day in one year.

Last year, they had their mega Amazon Prime Day event in October, and we all went a little crazy.

Amazon Prime Members will get access to totally exclusive early savings this holiday season.

Pro Tip: Have everyone in your family make Amazon Wish Lists, then all you have to do is pull them up on Prime Day, add things to your cart, and check out. Baddabing, baddaboom!!


Now, exact dates for this Prime Big Deal Days have not yet been announced, but, thanks to NJ.com, we know it is happening in October — much like last year.

So, clear off your credit cards, and make room for all those Prime Day deals!! They’re coming!!

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