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Netflix Has A New Murder Mystery Featuring The Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella With A Crazy Fairytale Twist

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Little Red Riding Hood is getting her hands dirty.

What’s not your typical bedtime story, this mysterious tale tells the story of a whodunit murder mystery that’s up to the Little Red Riding Hood to solve.

After attending the ball at the king’s palace with her newfound friend Cinderella, the party is cut short when a character in this story has been found dead in the woods.

Our suspects? Well there are several.

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Directed by Yuichi Fukuda, this fairy tale twist is an adaption from the original novel Akazukin, Tabi no Tochu de Shitai to Deau by Aito Aoyagi, where Little Red Riding Hood’s sole purpose is solving crimes in classic childhood fairy tale stories.

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Throughout the trailer, we see that there are exactly ten suspects Ms. Riding Hood must consider including Cinderella herself, and if the shoe fits, someone will be put behind bars.

The new movie stars Hashimoto Kanna who plays Little Red Riding Hood, Araki Yuko as Cinderella, and Iwata Takanori who takes on the role as the prince.

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Is Cinderella, the prince, or Stepsister Anne the murderer?

To find out who committed the crime, the Japanese drama officially releases to Netflix U.S. this fall!

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So mark your calendars because Once Upon a Crime premieres on Netflix September 14, and Little Red Riding Hood needs all the help she can get.

You can also watch the new trailer here, to start listing names on who you think committed the crime.

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