Move Over McDonald’s, Burger King Is Releasing Their Own Crispy Chicken Wraps That Come in Three Different Flavors

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Burger King has just entered the crispy chicken wrap war.

Ever since McDonald’s refuses to bring back their ever-so iconic crispy chicken wrap, fast food chains have decided to make a line of their own line.

And it looks like BK is one of them; so step aside McDonald’s because we don’t need your Snack Wrap anymore.

The fast food chain’s line of chicken wraps come in three different flavors and dare I say it, might even be superior to McDonald’s Snack Wrap.

Courtesy of Burger King

Although if you thought the name sounded familiar, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Inspired by the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, BK’s new chicken wrap is basically a cousin to the Crispy Chicken Sandwich we all know very well.

Courtesy of Burger King

So what can you expect in this new chicken wrap or should I say chicken wrap(s).

Starting off with a soft tortilla, BK’s chicken wraps stuff crispy chicken, (emphasizes on crispy), tomato, lettuce, and a sauce of your choice.

Courtesy of @burgerking

The chicken wrap flavors include a classic version, a honey mustard and of course, a spicier version for those of you with a hot tongue which I myself, will be opting for!

Each wrap will also only cost you three bucks and not only does the chicken wrap and the price sound appetizing but get this.

Courtesy of Burger King

Burger King’s Royal Crispy Wraps drop nationwide starting next week on Monday, August 14 for a limited-time only!

Maybe now McDonald’s will think about bringing back their discounted Snack Wrap.

Courtesy of @burgerking

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