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This New Holiday Movie Stars Melissa McCarthy And It Is Hilarious

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There is a new Christmas movie available to stream, and this one stars Melissa McCarthy.

It looks so good, and different from Christmas movies that have come before it.


This fairytale holiday film is about a husband and father who needs to straighten out his fractured life.

Bernard is a work-a-holic, and while he’s a great provider for the family, he has been regularly neglecting them when it comes to everyday life.


The last straw happens when Bernard ends up missing his daughter’s ice skating birthday party.

Planning to give his daughter an old antique jewelry box for her birthday, he rubs it to give it a nice clean.


Little does he know that rubbing this antique jewelry box is about to release a genie (McCarthy) who has been locked up for 2,000 years.

What do genies do? They grant wishes.


In this case, Flora — the genie — is here to grant ALL of Bernard’s wishes.

Together, they come up with a plan to “encourage” Bernard’s family to love him again.

Along the way, Flora and Bernard strike up a friendship, and Bernard ends up teaching Flora all about life in the modern world — which can only lead to Melissa McCarthy hilariousness.


Flora also teaches Bernard a thing or two in the process, and you are about to experience all the feels.

Seriously. It’s Melissa McCarthy. It’s totally worth the watch!


This Peacock original film is available to stream right now — like I’m watching it as we speak.

You can catch the trailer for Genie below.


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