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Melissa McCarthy Channels Every Parent Ever Wanting A Vacation In This Hilarious Super Bowl Ad

I just love Melissa McCarthy. We are BFFs somewhere in another dimension.

Get ready, because she is bursting onto the scene with a hilarious commercial for this Super Bowl Sunday.

I feel this commercial in my soul, y’all.

In the ad, Melissa is singing about wanting to go on vacation.

I’m going somewhere, anywhere.

Melissa McCarthy commercial

She’s not picky. When she says she will go anywhere, she means it.

A fancy hotel? Yep, count her in.

A tiny home somewhere nice? Sure! She’s down.

The mountains, the beach, a spa, skiing?

Anywhere. Like, anywhere, at all.

It just has to have one thing — child care.

LOL!! I’m dying!!

By the way, see if you catch the cameo from her hubs.

I’ll give you a hint — he’s a gardener.

Tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday to see all the hilarious commercials in action.

Catch the Melissa McCarthy commercial below.