Cereal Flavored Breakfast Essentials Are On Shelves Now And I Need Them All

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Do you have a favorite cereal?

I would like to say that I do, but they are all too freaking good to make up my mind. I like everything from the sweet, sweet stuff to grandpa’s cereal — the Grapenuts.

Well, things just got a whole lot better, because Carnation has brought out cereal flavors of their Breakfast Essentials drinks, and they are hitting shelves NOW!!


There are three flavors, and I bet you will love them all!! There’s KRAVE, Froot Loops, and Golden Grahams. How are you supposed to choose a favorite out of those?!?


Carnation Breakfast Essentials are SO good — my kids are obsessed, and we use them as positive rewards when they do the things we ask of them. Don’t judge. It works for us. Ha!


Now, I’m not sure if these are a Walmart exlusive, but they are up on the Walmart website, and they have also been spotted in Walmart stores.

Courtesy of Walmart

A pack of 6 will run you just less than $7, and you can just go ahead and put ALL of them in my shopping cart!!


Word is, there is also going to be a Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnamilk coming, and now I can die happy.


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