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Scientists Have Discovered A New Snake Species And It Has Iridescent Rainbow Skin

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The thing is, it had been right under their noses preserved at the University of Kansas’ Biodiversity Institute. Three specimens were actually collected between 2006 and 2012 and were overlooked and mislabeled.

Jeff Weinell – University of Kansas’ Biodiversity Institute

Jeff Weinell is a graduate research assistant. He happened to take a look at the samples and realized they belonged in their own category.


The three snakes are, so far, the only ones that are known at this time that belong to the newly named snake genus. They are calling them Levitonius mirus AKA “Warey dwarf burrowing snake”.


They are found on the islands of Leyte and Samar and also in the Philippines.

When I got the DNA results back, at first I thought it was just an error on my part, or contamination from the samples.

Jeff Weinell

By using CT scans and DNA testing, they found that these snakes have the fewest number of vertebrae of any snake species in the world. The snakes also have a long and narrow skull relative to its size.

Stunning and Tiny

The coolest part though is that they are highly iridescent! This snake species looks absolutely stunning! Similar to how the snake looks in the image below.


They also think that the snake’s diet mainly consists of earthworms.

They are absolutely tiny as well! They’re about the size of a pencil and will only grow to be at most, 6.7 inches. Jeff Weinell also said that it is unlikely for the Levitonius mirus to be venomous.


The specimens they have are the only ones known to be found. The Levitonius mirus snake has never been photographed alive either. Being that they are a burrowing snake, it makes them much more difficult to find and observe.

I would love to see one of these alive and in person! I know a lot of people dislike snakes, but I personally think they are beautiful. Seriously, look how gorgeous snakes can be!


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