New Disney Themed Ice Cream Flavors Are Coming And I’m Already Licking The Screen

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I love me some ice cream. I also LOVE anything Disney. Slap a Disney name on a carton of ice cream, and I’m all over it! Isn’t it funny how that works. Ha!

Courtesy of candyhunting in Instagram

Check this out. Disney Pixar has teamed up with Edy’s/Dreyer’s to bring us, not one, but TWO new flavors of Disney Pixar Ice Cream!

Courtesy of candyhunting in Instagram

The first is this Monsters Ice Cream, called Cookies and Scream. Obviously, this is a take on cookies and cream. There is LIGHT Vanilla Ice Cream (1/2 the fat of the original), with Chunks of Chocolate Cookie Pieces mixed right in!

There is also a Fudgey Swirl, and big ol’ Chocolate Mike and Sully Pieces to add some fun! I’ll take a double scoop, please!

Then there is this super cool Disney Pixar Incredibles Ice Cream! My kids are going to FLIP!

This has Chocolate and Vanilla LIGHT Ice Cream (1/3 less calories than the original), a Chocolatey Cookie Swirl, and Chunks of Chocolate Mask Pieces. Doesn’t this sound FAB!

Both of these Ice Cream flavor can be found at Meijer, but check your local grocery stores, too. I know, I’ll be staking out the ice cream aisle!

These flavor join the two Frozen II Ice Cream Flavors that are already out! These are must-haves — like, you must have these in your life, NOW! Not only are they So Freaking Good, they are FROZEN II. So, you can’t really go wrong!

Courtesy of mydisneylandhome on Instagram and Walmart

Speaking of Frozen II, did you happen the catch the Academy Awards, when ALL Of The World’s Elsas Sang ‘Into The Unknown?’ OMG! It was FABULOUS! You totally need to check it out!

Courtesy of ABC

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