Frozen 2 Ice Cream Is Here And It Comes In 2 Flavors: Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Marshmallow

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We are all waiting for November 22, when Frozen II hits theaters!

To get ready for the much-anticipated sequel, Edy’s has just brought out their Frozen II Ice Cream!

Via Walmart

They have TWO flavors to enjoy, and both are absolutely awesome!

First is an Anna and Elsa-inspired flavor. The Magical Mint Snowflake is a MINT ice cream, a FUDGE swirl, and sugary SNOWFLAKES nestled inside the sweet creamy goodness. It’s like an icy blast of pretty frozen fractals in your bowl!

Of course, you can’t have a Frozen ice cream without Olaf! His flavor is ChocOlaf Fudge Swirl. This just sounds amazeballs! It is a CHOCOLATE and MARSHMALLOW ice cream — YUM — with a fudge swirl and little Olaf pieces floating around the tasty ice cream! I’m a happy snowman!

These ice cream flavors have already been spotted at Walmart, but they are coming to grocery stores EVERYWHERE. Start watching the frozen isles now!

They are here for a limited time, so of course, you’ll want to stock that freezer full!

Grab that Edy’s Frozen Ice Cream, and get ready for Frozen II hitting theaters SOON!

Via Walmart

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