M&M’s Released Mint Cookie Sandwiches Stuffed With Huge Chunks of M&M’s

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The M&M’s brand knows how to satisfy all customers, and that’s by making a wide variety of delicious candy products including all things chocolate.

M&M’s has gone beyond far to introduce exciting new treats to excite your tastebuds, including this new sweet treat that will literally knock your socks off.

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Introducing, new Mint M&M’s Cookie Sandwiches!

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This cookie sandwich puts Klondike bars to shame.

Sorry Klondike and to answer your question, what would I do for a Klondike bar; absolutely nothing, because all I want are stuffed mint cookie sandwiches made with M&M’s!

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M&M’s new cookie sandwiches are anything but subpar.

Let’s start with what’s on the outside before we conquer what’s stuffed in the inside.

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Each sandwich is made with two sides of soft chocolate cookies that are stuffed with large M&M pieces for a satisfying crunch.

Sandwiched in between those two chocolate cookies is a mint-flavored reduced fat ice cream!

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Should I continue or did you already leave your computer to run to the grocery store because I haven’t even told you where you can find these bad boys, so come back people!

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You can find the bright green box at Hy-Vee while some people even claim they’ve found the individual cookie sandwiches at the Dollar Store.

Courtesy of Melz&Chris

Hopefully as we move into spring, these mint cookie sandwiches become nationwide!

Now you may run to the grocery store.

Courtesy of Melz&Chris

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