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You Can Get A Pile Of Fogging Skulls That Light Up To Put In Your Yard For Halloween

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Fog machines just make the scene for Halloween. Just by adding a fog machine you step your decorations creepy level up several notches. This stack of skulls is a meant to work with your fog machine!

Spirit Halloween

The spooky fogging skulls are perfect for the front porch to greet guests as they come to your door! There are red lights that make the whole thing have an eerie glow as fog pours from these smoking skulls.

Spirit Halloween

We store ours in the box it came from every year. My husband cleans our fog machines before every Halloween and has a timer set up on all of them. The lights shine up nicely as the fog comes rolling out. Many trick or treaters and their parents ask where we get our decorations and I always tell them “Spirit!”

Jess – Review
Spirit Halloween

Everyone will love it! It’s super unique and different! The stacked fogging skulls are not meant to be out in the weather, so if you want to use them outdoors, it needs to be in a covered area and out of the weather.

Spirit Halloween

This awesome stack of skulls measures 19″ x 11.8″ x 9.85″.

There is a cord that measures 3.2 feet and it uses a 1.5 V AA battery (included). It works with a fog machine that you purchase separately, or the one you have at home!

Spirit Halloween

Love this prop. Looks great and is made well. Will be sure to use this prop for years to come. Red lights and fog will help to create a spooky scene. Can’t wait til Halloween.

Tammy – Review

You can purchase your own Fogging Skull Pile from Spirit Halloween for only $79.99! Also, you have to check out Spirit Halloween’s amazing collection of Beetlejuice Halloween items!


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  1. WE bought the pile of skulls recently, no cord, no hose, and no instruction manual ???????????

  2. I just bought one of these from someone . What is the chord on the back used for?
    Thank you