20 Times I Really Wish Someone Else Could Adult For Me…

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It’s not that I need to live with my mom or anything, but there are definitely times Someone should be the adult of me. Like the last time I dated a guy and wanted to break up with him, it would have been nice for someone else to step in and say, “Mary can’t play anymore, she’s been grounded.” Or when I’m getting really crabby and can’t figure it out it’d be swell if I had someone who could be all, “Mary, you need to eat, sweetie. You’ll feel better after you eat.” Things like that. Those are the things that annoyed me when I was a teenage, but now…now it would be amazing if I had someone else who could adult for me. Here are 20 other times I really wished someone else could adult for me

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20 Times I Really Wish Someone Else Could Adult For Me…

1. When I’ve got to get up early in the morning, but stayed up way too late binge watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix.

2. When that personal trainer at the gym asks what kinds of foods I’ve been eating.

3. Every time I have to clean the toilet.

4. When it’s time to decide on a new electric company.

5. Or when I really should vote but don’t know anything about the people running for local office.

6. When my child throws up all over the floor.

7. Or my dog.

8. At the grocery store when Girl Scouts are looking up to me with those big expectant eyes and I really don’t want the cookies…

9. Trying to buy a house.

10. When I get bad news about my favorite pet.

11. When ice cream for dinner seems like a good idea a couple too many times during the week.


12. When I try on bathing suits.

13. When my high school reunion rolled around and I hadn’t ‘quite’ landed my dream job yet.

14. When I’m on my period.

15. Every time I walk into a store and realize they’re having a huge sale.

16. When I’ve made a bad relationship choice.

17. Every time my doctor calls me back in for more testing.

18. When I have to invite someone to dinner that I don’t like.

19. Every time someone I love dies on The Walking Dead.

20. When I decided to get bangs after I’d forgotten I hate bangs.

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