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Why I’ll Never Give Up My LuLaRoe…

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I guess this is a post I need to write once a year or something.

The other day I was scrolling Facebook and saw a meme that was shared by someone from some new, non LuLaRoe legging company that shall not be named. Please note, this was a meme posted on this company’s, I guess, official page. No, I won’t name names. The meme had rules for wearing leggings. There were just two rules, but you only need a few words to body shame people. And that’s why I’ll never give up my LuLaRoe. They would Never have done something like THIS.

Why I’ll Never Give Up My LuLaRoe…

So basically the meme boiled down to rules for wearing leggings. Because apparently people aren’t allowed to put whatever they damn well please on their own damn bodies:

Rule #1  was something like, make sure your leggings aren’t see through.

Hey, some people are into that. *shrug* Not my thing.

Rule #2 was punctuated with multiple exclamation points and was basically, cover your bum and girl bits.

Oh. Wow. Wait a God damn second.

First, you’re talking to grown women here. Women who feed themselves. Pay their own bills. And buy their own freaking clothes. Now, please, someone, tell me why a third party, a complete and total mystery to you or I, should dictate how our bodies are covered?

Please, someone tell me a valid reason that is not:

  • But I don’t want to see her fat butt.
  • People of a certain size shouldn’t wear that.
  • I don’t like it.
  • It’s not appropriate.

I need to walk away.

Okay, back.

First, people of a certain size who might also be called fat are not on this planet to be wallpaper. We are not here to quietly keep to the background while the women who fit the ideal image of beauty are the ones allowed to live in the limelight. Oh, no. Women of all sizes are welcome to express themselves. Wear what they want. Be fabulous, even in see-through clothing. Let’s not forget, lacy shirts and neon bras were all the rage not that long ago. There is no fat police, no one who hands down who should be allowed to wear what.

And if you think there is, please, step through this door.

Yeah, that’s right. If anyone thinks they should hold the power to tell me, or any of the beautiful curvy, large or voluptuous women I know what we can and cannot wear, just dive on in with the other judgmental dick-holes in hell.

I might be a tad bit peeved, but you know what? I’ve spent years, decades even, being told that I am less of a person because I’m a bigger size. I’ve been told to sit down, shut up and stay out of sight. I’ve battled with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and suicide because of people who think too much of their opinions. So yeah, I’m probably a lot defensive and on the rampage, because you know what?

I like me.

I like who I am. Yeah, I might not be the perfect size or whatever, but you know what’s way more important?

I no longer hate myself. I like myself. And that’s a journey so many people never make. So excuse me while I build my fabulous, plus sized castle on this bedrock of love.

All of this goes back to one thing that I’ve seen make a positive change in people: LuLaRoe. And yeah, I’m going to sound like a Kool-Aid drinking evangelist, but whatever. I seriously love the culture that surrounds LuLaRoe. I’ve never been body shamed, told I can’t wear something or that I shouldn’t try something. In fact, people encourage ladies of size to try something outside their comfort zone. And that’s awesome. So yeah, label me the LuLaRoe nut or whatever, because I’m happy to surround myself in a loving environment with people who want to build me up and not tear me down.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go find a shorter shirt to wear with today’s leggings. I feel the need to show off how great my large butt looks in leggings.

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  1. I must first start by saying as I was reading and you were referring to yourself as a large woman, I kept thinking, the woman in the photo is far from large?! I must admit, I was confused! I just saw a beautiful woman! I have been shamed my whole life as well for being large and deal with major body image issues, even though I am currently the smallest I have ever been! I am so happy that you have learned to love yourself! I have good and bad days with this and I find you encouraging! I also love how Lularoe promotes a healthy body image! So very refreshing!

  2. Sidney-
    You are rocking it! Great writing and you look awesome! Staying true to yourself is the happier way through life. And give those foster kitties hugs from me!

  3. You have perfectly articulated my feelings about LuLaRoe. It has definitely changed my life for the better! It’s the only brand I know that fits my petite-plus figure without alterations (OK, I remove the pockets of my Carlys, but that’s like bandaging a papercut compared with open-heart surgery) and the amazing consultants and fellow enthusiasts I’ve met are so kind and helpful, shopping is a joy for the first time in my life. Life is so much easier when I know my wardrobe is ready for anything, from weddings and funerals to the office to toddlers’ birthday parties – and I have LuLaRoe to thank. It’s a major confidence boost and I’m totally hooked! I feel pretty, and nobody can take that away, especially not some jerk hiding behind a computer.

    1. Pidge – I am with you on the Carly pocket thing!
      I love the culture and the clothes so much I became a consultant. I like seeing women happy. Period. And this part time gig has let me bring the happy to many people.

  4. Woman. You. Are. Amazing!!!!! I loved every last character of this post. Every. Damn. One. Thank you for defending not only the gorgeous women above a size M, but for defending the LuLaCulture. We work very hard to defend our views and the love and blessings that were so lucky to share. Thank you for looking out for your tribe. We love you, even though we’ve never met. And most of all, thank you for loving yourself enough to flip the verbal bird at the haters. Haters gonna hate, I guess. And the girl in the photo? She looks AMAZING. And the see through shirt? I wish my rack looked like that. Just sayin. 🙂 Thank you so much for what you’ve done here.