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You Can Get An Inflatable Pool That Looks Like A Giant Bowl of Ramen Noodles

Um, yes please!! I just bought myself one and I don’t care who knows it…

All my Ramen noodle loving friends listen up… this is NOT a drill…


You can now get an inflatable pool that looks like a giant bowl of ramen noodles!

Sure, it’s made for kids but when has that ever stopped us.

Besides the age recommendation is just a suggestion, right?


Now this pool is adorable and is brings a new meaning to “pool noodle” lol.

The pool itself measures 67″ x 26″ which is big enough for 6ish kids to fit inside comfortably.


The pool also comes with large tamago egg and fish cake inflatable toys to give the overall ramen noodle vibe.

Whether you just need a cute and fun pool for the kids or want something to lounge in yourself after a hot, long day in the office, this pool is for you.


Bonus points if you love Ramen too!

You can get this adorable Ramen Noodle Pool on Amazon for under $35 here.