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Amanda Bynes Is Returning to Manicurist School and We Are Here For It

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It was just the other day that I wrote about Amanda Bynes and her absence from ‘Quiet on Set‘. I think it’s totally understandable that she would turn down the invite.

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She has a lot of stuff to work through and you can tell she is struggling and trying to create a life for herself away from Hollywood.

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Amanda has been in Manicurist school but hasn’t passed the board exam yet. So she just announced she was returning to school to expand her education before retesting.

Since I haven’t passed the board exam yet to get my manicurist license, I started back at school to study manicurist theory and to practice doing acrylics before I take the test again so I’ll be good to go when I get a job at a nail salon.

Amanda Bynes shared on her Instagram Stories – Monday, April 8
Image credit: Amanda Bynes

She first announced her interest in becoming a manicurist publicly on her social media in 2022. She is still working on it.

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There is even a standing job offer that was made to her publicly!

Amanda just celebrated her 38th birthday, and you know… it’s never too late to start something new! Especially if it’s something that makes you happy.

Image credit: usweekly

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