You Can Get Hairy Big Toe Shoe Charms For Your Crocs… But Why?

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Yes, I wear Crocs… I have no shame in that. I work with a lot of dogs, and being able to literally hose off my shoes and easily sanitize them is important to me.

I’ve seen a lot of cute and funny charms and attachments for Crocs over the years.

They even have weird things like tiny headlights for your Crocs and even ‘Croc Balls’!

I thought the ‘Croc Balls’ were the weirdest, but that just got topped by these 3D ugly big toe Croc shoe charms…


They’re not just any old toe, they are UGLY toes, with plenty of hairs growing off of them.

I can’t imagine wearing these on my shoes, but I know at least one weirdo who wants them is reading this right now.


Great toe charms for Crocs. These things are hilarious. The synthetic hair adds to the realism and really makes it gross. Material of the toe is like hard rubber, same material as a doll, and is hollow. No issues at all with attaching them to Crocs and they hold just fine as any other charm. Overall, very happy to have these.

Decade – Amazon review

They would make a perfect gag gift for your Croc-wearing friends. I know people love to rag on me for wearing Crocs, but I love their comfort and ease.


You can buy a set of two of these ugly big toe shoe charms for your Crocs on Amazon! Who would you buy them for?


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