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You Can Get Tiny Headlights for Your Crocs, Because Why Not?

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These are definitely one of the most clever accessories I have ever seen for a pair of Crocs.

You can get Tiny Headlights for your Crocs that actually help you see in the dark so you don’t stumble and fall.


Genius, right?

These headlights aren’t just some gimmicky lights that are meant to be decorations for your Crocs.


They are actual LED lights that attach to your Crocs and put off a pretty strong beam of light.

[Bright and Long-Lasting] The shoes lights built-in CR2032 button cell (including 4pcs), bright and long-lasting, Light up 10 meters away, lasting 72 hours.


There are three different modes that you can choose from with these Crocs Headlights.

All you do is press on the top of the light to turn it on and off. It will also switch between the three different modes: Always bright, rapidly flashing strobe-type light, or slowly flashing light.


I found these to be fairly bright and worked well to light up the spots right in front of me. They are small and easy to open to change the batteries on.

Amazon Reviews

Think of the possibilities with these Tiny Crocs Headlights.

You can use them at your campsite at night — no more stumbling your way to the bathroom in the dark.


They would also be great for walking your doggo at night. You don’t realize what a boobytrap your front yard is until you take the dog out at night!

According to Amazon, these Crocs Headlights are also waterproof, and would be great to use in the rain.


They are so cool and fun. I know they are for Crocs, but you can put them on other shoes too. They are actually useful. I thought they were just for fun, but Mom and Dad were doing a Moonlight walk and the trail was completely dark, so they came in handy. I would buy again and give as gifts to others.

Amazon Reviews

One pair of these Crocs Headlights is only going to set you back $11, and they actually come with a set of extra batteries!

To get your own pair of Crocs Headlights, just head on over to the Amazon website.


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