Here’s Why You Should Never Buy Produce at Trader Joe’s

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Chances are, you’ve heard of Trader Joe’s.

Ya know, the clean, well-organized store that offers a variety of unique (and healthier) items for less.

Well, if you happen to be an avid shopper of Trader Joe’s, there may be one thing you don’t know…

You should NEVER buy vegetables from Trader Joe’s. Here’s why…

As it turns out, there are actually a few reasons why you want to skip the produce section at Trader Joe’s.

While it may be tempting to grab some bananas or avocados during your shopping trip, skipping these can actually save you more especially in the long run.

For starters, people have noticed that Trader Joe’s produce seems to spoil faster versus buying from other stores.

“For too long [I] didn’t realize how much faster their items go bad, and how weirdly they go bad,” says Camille Lowder, Delish’s digital food producer and a former Trader Joe’s employee. “Sometimes onions or celery are rotting from the inside out in a creepy way that doesn’t seem to happen at other stores.”

Now, there is a reason that Trader Joe’s produce seems to spoil faster – Trader Joe’s has a tight relationship with certain suppliers to help keep costs down but in return, that means produce quality can be inconsistent.

Another reason is that sometimes, Trader Joe’s items can be more expensive than purchasing elsewhere.

Simply because, Trader Joe’s pricing product by item, not by weight. In some cases, this CAN save you money but in others, you’ll overpay for your produce.

Lastly, Trader Joe’s is known for using excessive packing on pre-packed produce.

In return, you’ll end up paying more to fund all that plastic.

I have to say, the excessive use of plastic surprises me given the fact the store tries to stand out in overall healthiness and well-being. Can we just ditch the plastics already?

So, there you have it. Between things costing more and spoiling faster, if you’re on a tight budget you may want to consider shopping for your produce elsewhere.

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