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You Can Get Harry Potter Light Up Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree So, Accio Them All To Me

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There’s something about Hogwarts that just reminds me of Christmas. Maybe it’s because both are so magical!

So when I found these Light Up Harry Potter Ornaments, I fell in love!

Pottery Barn

Whether you decide to buy all three or just one, it’s sure to make your Christmas tree so much more magical this year! I honestly don’t know which is my favorite!

Pottery Barn

There is, of course, the iconic Hogwarts as an ornament, which I LOVE. But I also kind of love Harry Potter’s Patronus! (although if it were Snape’s, I’d already be buying it!)

Pottery Barn

And then there’s the gorgeous egg from The Goblet Of Fire. Which is your favorite? If you want to get any of these (or all three!), you can grab them over at the Pottery Barn website!

Pottery Barn

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