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‘Croc Balls’ Exist And They Are The Hilarious Shoe Decoration You Never Knew You Needed

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OMG I am laughing so hard over here…

So, last night I was browsing Facebook when BAM pops up an ad for ‘Croc Balls’ and they are so funny, I had to share them with you.


Yes, they are exactly how they sound – ball charms for your Crocs.


The etsy shop DaddysToyDrawer is selling these 3D printed ball sacks that you attach to your Crocs.

And you can get them in different colors too!


Tired of always having to explain your dominance? Worry not!

These jingling little nuts will fit any standard croc/clog band and show everyone around you whom they’re messing with.


I have to say, aside from being totally hilarious to sport, they would make great gag gifts too!


These will run you around $17 per paid of ball sacks and I have to say, at that price, you can afford to buy everyone you know a pair! LOL!

You can get these 3D Printed Croc Balls from the etsy shop DaddysToyDrawer Here.


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