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Dear Reader, Here’s The Official Trailer Of ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3

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Dear reader, it looks like Mr. Colin Bridgerton has competition for Penelope’s heart after all.

In season three of the hit series Bridgerton, the stakes are higher than ever for finding a suitor.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

Between Penelope on the hunt to find the one, Daphne’s younger sister looking for a husband, and of course Colin, searching for a partner this season will be tough.

In an official trailer thanks to Netflix, we finally get to see more than 30 seconds of what this third season has to offer, and lets just say that the tea, is very hot.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

But a fancy cup of tea in England isn’t the only thing that’s heated this season.

From the looks of the new trailer, it’s clear that Penelope and Colin’s friendship is getting more difficult by the minute.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

After Colin lends a helping hand to Penelope to help her seek out a husband this courting season, we’re thinking Colin may have gotten a bit too ahead of himself as Colin begins to question his friendship with Penelope for love instead.

But of course this wouldn’t be a hit romance series without some competition as another man who goes by the name of Lord Debling, has also become fond of Penelope.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

Who will Penelope choose? Well that’s the big question everyone is asking about.

But like the rest of us, you’ll have to wait to see who Penelope chooses to marry this season just a little bit longer.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

Part one of Bridgerton season three airs on May 16 while part two drops June 13.

You can also watch the official new trailer for season three of Bridgerton, right here.

Courtesy of Liam Daniel / Netflix

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