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People Are Turning Precious Moments Figurines Into Their Favorite Collectible Characters and They Are Awesome

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There is a group on Facebook that has been showing posts in my feed, the posts were so cool that I ended up joining the group.

This is a group of artists that have taken Precious Moments collectible figurines and transformed them into other characters.

They’re not just painting the figurines, they are using clay to change the figurine to match the character they want to recreate.

I have seen everything from cartoon characters, horror characters, movie characters, and television characters. The talent is mindblowing!

Image credit: Mandy Swarts

Just look how adorable the Rainbow Brite altered Precious Moments figurine is!

The imagination and skills that these people have are just amazing! Can you guess which one is my favorite from the images below?

If you guessed the Beetlejuice and Lydia altered Precious Moments, you would be correct! It’s just the cutest little thing and I would love to have it.

Image credit: Carrie Bedig MacDougall

I want to try this so badly now! I guess I need to scour the thrift stores and garage sales and pick up some Precious Moments figurines to alter!

Just look at this Wednesday Addams!

Image credit: Jenna Andrews

But, this one… this one below is the one that absolutely blew my mind! The detail with Garcia and Spencer from ‘Criminal Minds’ is just amazing!

Ok, I’m off to find some Precious Moments and give it a try!

Image credit: Rhiain Harris-Maddocks

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