This Teacher’s Reading Log Hack Is The Best Thing Ever

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Ekuwah Moses might be my biggest hero ever.

She is a teacher, an AWESOME teacher, who has come up with a way to help with reading time with my kids. Basically, a hack to a new way of doing the reading log…

It is possible that my LEAST favorite activity is completing my kids’ at-home reading logs for school. Although they are avid readers, for some reason they hate doing their reading homework. It is alway a fight, and just plain not fun for any of us.

I’m going to be honest with you (Sorry, Mr. Wysong and Mrs. Grady), sometimes the reading logs get “fudged.” Either they get filled out with books they have already read, or they don’t get filled out for a couple days, and then I have to scramble to come up with something to fill in the days.

Shannon Whitney, a teacher in LA, posted this reading log on Facebook that is the brainchild of Ms. Moses. IT JUST SAVED MY DAY!

It just might be the most amazing thing I have ever seen!

It takes the boring ol’ reading homework, and makes it fun! Some of the tasks include reading in a bathtub, reading while eating, and reading in bed.

My kids would be ALL OVER this kind of reading. They will gladly do this “silly” reading if they get to have some fun with it!

Kudos to Ms. Moses for being an awesome teacher that has her students’ best interests at heart! She seems to really know how to get them involved, and crave learning.

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