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This Is The Free Printable After School Survey Your Children Will Be Happy To Fill Out

After school is all about simple in my house. It’s a lot of work being a kid, and anything I can do to make it easier is okay by me.

free printable after school survey download

Download Your Free Printable After School Survey

The thing is, it’s hard for me to get the kids to open up and talk after school. I want to talk about what happened– who they hung out with. I want to know if they had a bad day, who they have a crush on.

I want to know everything.

But when I ask what they learned, I always get a shrug and the answer, “stuff.” So I came up with a survey! You see, I make them something to much on after school, and I hand them a little survey for them to fill in about their day.

kid writing on the survey eating macaroni and cheese

And this totally works! They start eating, forget about me, and start filling out their survey.

I find out a couple of things about their day, and it’s enough for them to open up and talk to me! I love that! You seriously have no idea.


And, since I love you, I made my after school available for you to download.

Download Your Free Printable After School Survey



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