Ways To Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

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Winter is coming… and you know what that means… It’s time to prepare for those snow days by having the latest and greatest games around. You also need to ensure you have the latest gadgets to keep your gaming experience running smoothly. Being the gamer I am, I am helping get you prepared by sharing Ways To Upgrade Your Gaming Experience.

Ways To Upgrade Your Gaming Experience

There are two types of people in the world, those that play games like their (real) life depends on it, and those that play just for fun. In the end, I think both can agree they want that gaming experience to be amazing and run flawlessly. That is exactly why we are using today to talk about ways to upgrade your gaming experience and never have to miss an achievement again.

  • Upgrade that internet – It may go without saying that at any gamer’s core lies a good internet connection. Without it, an entire gaming experience can be ruined. Having a high-speed internet that is reliable is one of the most important aspects to gaming. Stay away from dial up or Wi-Fi when able. If you are going wireless, ensure you have a booster or remain close to the signal. Also, when choosing an internet provider check both the download and upload speed. Most providers even have an internet speed test that you can use to determine what plan you need.
  • Keep it wired. I touched on this briefly above but I wanted to reiterate it. Any time you can remain hard-wired to your internet or even gaming device, it’s a good thing. Often times reaction times in games can be slower on a wireless connection. This includes wireless headsets, keyboards, mouse’s, etc. If you can remain hard-wired you will see a difference in your overall game play.
  • Keep software updated. Software updates may be a tedious thing but they can also be a great way to experience games better. Often times game developers release updates to fix bugs or errors in game coding. Sometimes even updating your gaming device can be enhanced with those software updates. Tip: update your software before you head to bed so your game time goes uninterrupted.
  • Accessorize. If you are a gaming that enjoys being comfortable during your game time, you’ll want to invest into some amazing accessories. Whether it’s to have thumb grips for a controller, a new headset for optimal hearing, or even a new keyboard with shortcut keys, having these can enhance your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable. Besides, they look really cool too!
  • Invest in the newest systems. Again, if you are a hobby gamer this may not be worth it to you but if you are a serious gamer, the latest and greatest gaming systems are always for you. Each year we see an upgraded gaming console, handheld device or computer and with good reason, the newest technology is in those systems. They run games smoother and make things crisper. Consider selling your old items to invest in new and some retailers even have trade-in deals each year to help cut down cost on the new system.

Be Part of THE IN-CROWD and Level-Up Your Gaming

I touched on a few great ways to ensure your gaming experience over all is better. While those ideas are good across the board, it’s still widely known that PC gamers have an edge in terms of graphics and enhanced game play. For that reason, if you are a PC gamer consider upgrading your experience, I want to share with you the new Intel-based devices that are optimized especially for gaming use, giving you the power to seamlessly communicate with teammates, live-stream and capture your highlights.

With so many brands, models and specifications, shopping for a new device can seem daunting. All you want is a computer that makes the things you already do feel easier, faster and better. 

Luckily, there’s a simple way to find what you’re looking for— it’s the one with Intel inside.

With the power of an Intel-based device, you’ll enjoy options that are lighter and more stylish, have sharper screens, and work at amazingly fast speeds. Think of The IN-Crowd as your connection to those products, a relatable resource for all-things Intel. An engaging quiz and video series will walk you through different Intel-based devices and keep you in-the-know, helping you identify which specific features and products best fit your needs.

Not sure where to start? Neither did I. I actually took the Intel quiz and found exactly what I need to get work and personal fun done. You can take the quiz yourself here.

Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your gaming experience. And of course, we want to hear your best ideas for upgrading to the next level of gaming so make sure to comment below!

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