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Mountain Dew Is Releasing A Cake Flavored Soda and It’s A Party In A Can

Mountain Dew is teasing yet another exotic soda flavor and this time around, it should taste like dessert with every sip.

The latest flavor in Mountain Dew’s cookbook is Cake Smash!

Courtesy of @u/AlphyIsMyWaifu

Supposedly the new “cakey” flavor is expected to taste like dessert, but this isn’t the first time Mountain Dew thought of releasing a dessert tasting soda.

Courtesy of @u/AlphyIsMyWaifu

The idea started back in 2019 when Mountain Dew trademarked the name “Mtn Dew 80 Cake-Smash“and since then, PepsiCo was granted its third extension on the name which lead many people to assume that there is a delay for the release date.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

The colorful new can exhibits almost every color of the rainbow and leaked photos are even surfacing the web.

Courtesy of @CandyHunting

As described on the can, the Cake Smash flavor includes “DEW with a rush of artificial cake flavor.”

As we await on the official information regarding the new soft drink, we’re hoping the new flavor at least hits store shelves before the end of summer!

Courtesy of @markie_devo

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