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Vans Harry Potter Shoe Designs Are Here and I Want Them All

We are so freaking excited about the Vans and Harry Potter collaboration and You should be too, because omg they are soooo good!

The Vans Harry Potter Shoe Designs have been released and I cannot even tell you how much I want them all!

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These styles are so epic, I can already hear my wallet crying…

There is no word when these will be released yet but at least we know what to expect – pure magic!

In addition to the Hogwarts house-themed sneakers, Vans will be releasing other sneakers inspired by key elements of the Harry Potter series such as a “Golden Snitch” colorway, a Slip-On resembling the Marauder’s Map, and a Vans Era smothered in headlines from the Daily Prophet newspaper.

Ah – they are amazing!

Which one is your favorite?