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Vans Harry Potter Shoes Are Being Released and My Hogwarts Attire is Now Complete

It’s true!! Vans is collaborating with Harry Potter to conjure up these epic shoes.

It doesn’t matter what house you get sorted into, you can represent wearing Vans shoes in your house colors.

My Hogwarts attire is officially complete – now I am just waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter!

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Vans announced the collab on their Instagram via this trippy moving signage in all the house colors. Okay Vans, you got our attention!!

It has since sent the internet into a frenzie!

Wizard, witch, and muggle alike, we all can’t wait to get a first glimpse of these already much-saught-after shoes.


Have I seen the actual shoes? No. Do I have any idea what they look like? No. Do I know when they’re dropping? Also no. Do I know they will be amazing? Yes!

If Vans are involved with the collab, you know they will be awesome. Take our money now!!

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It appears to be certain that each house color will be represented, but beyond that, we have no intel. It doesn’t really matter what the actual shoes look like, can I preorder them?

If you go to the Vans website, you can sign up to be on the email list. It appears this is how we find out more info. I’m going to need all the information now! This Slytherin can’t wait.

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