Pepsi Is Bringing Back Their Mango Pepsi Flavor And I Couldn’t Be More Excited

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Pepsi has a long list of delicious flavors but what takes the cake is their fruity mango flavor.

It’s the perfect recipe with just the right amount of fruity flavors, sugar, and fizz.


As we all know, the delicious and fruity flavor was only on shelves for a limited time only during the summer of last year, it’s like Pepsi was teasing our tastebuds only to take away the addicting flavor!


However, deep down Pepsi isn’t that cruel which is why they’re bringing back the popular flavor since its discontinuation last summer!


As the exact date is yet to be released, Pepsi Mango will be released in the U.S. in March! The only difference is that this soda will be available in 20 ounce bottles instead of the12 ounce cans which is fine by me because the more the better.


In addition to the new bottle, Pepsi will also be offering a zero sugar option that will come in a 20 ounce bottle as well!


The wait shouldn’t be too long considering March is only a few months away but when it comes down to Pepsi, it’s an everyday craving which is why I’m hoping to see the colorful bottle on retail shelves exactly on March 1st.


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